Animal Justice Canada has launched Canada’s biggest-ever animal protection billboard campaign, with 68 billboards up across Toronto and Vancouver in January and February of 2016.

The campaign’s four different designs draw attention to the tremendous suffering endured by animals used for food, testing, fashion, and entertainment. The 10 by 20 foot billboards call on Canadians to protect animals by signing the Animal Charter. So far 11068 have signed.

The billboard series shows how the everyday actions of Canadians are leading to heart-breaking animal cruelty. In one ad, a visceral line is drawn between the fur trim of a jacket and the terrifying experience of a coyote powerless in a trap. In another, the recent bacon fad is held up against an already roughed-up little piglet starting her life of misery within the factory farming system. In a third ad, teenagers merrily applying make-up beside an image of a rabbit devastated by toxicity tests invites the question: why is cosmetic testing not banned in Canada? The fourth ad juxtaposes what many would consider a harmless trip to the zoo with the chimpanzee on the other side of the bars who will never get to go home.

The campaign asks viewers to sign Animal Justice’s Animal Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Each signature helps Animal Justice in leading the legal fight for animals in Canada.

All together, the billboards are projected to garner 1.9 million views per day and 52 million views over the four-week campaign.

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Map of Toronto Billboards

Map of Vancouver Billboards